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ALVA Company is one of the largest holding companies in Urals, specializing in lubricants and autocomponents wholesale trade.




Corporate objective is serious, efficient and profitable work in compliance with the highest standards.
Following ethic principles of business, ALVA Company always was and remains reliable partner, carrying out its oblgations fully and in time. We aspire to follow international business standards in work with our partners, offering them products at the profitable price, quality and safety.
Side by side with increase of trade turnover and improvement of financial performance, the company develops corporate culture that was and remains essential part of our job.
We are sure that implemnetation of a company strategy will allow us to develop dynamicly further in future, keeping old partners and obtaining new ones.


• Range of goods
Production portfolio contains more than 10 000 items of autocomponents.
Company’s motto is "Everything that healthy car needs".
Car lubricants, technical fluids, chemical autoproducts, car care products, accessories, tools, autobooks, spare parts (batteries, windscreen wipers, filters, spark plugs, brake pads, shock absorbers, driving belts, sparkplug wires, lamps).
ALVA Company is official distributor/dealer of Lukoil, Vitex, Cool Stream, WD-40, Rimet, STP, AcDelco, GUR and others, more than 30 brands at all.

• Sales department
Sales department includes six independent units:
1. Logistic division. To-order supplies of big lots of goods to wholesale companies of Ural region. Basically distribution items.
2. Wholesale division. Interaction with retail stores and service stations of Sverdlovsk region. Free delivery. Delay of payment.
3. Wholesale hypermarket. Small-batch sales from the warehouse. Popular in region items. Exhibition room. Self-service. Self-delivery.
4. Distributor division. Promotion of brands in Ural region. Marketing.
5. BTL-division. BTL-services and campaigns.
6. Kurgan branch.

• Bardachok
Controlling interest of chain of autosupermarkets “Bardachok”. Four supermarkets in Yekaterinburg. More than 10 000 items of autocomponents. Self-service. To-order spare parts. Online-shop www.barda4ok.ru

• Customers
Customers of ALVA Company are automotive shops and service stations of Sverdlovsk and Ural region, wholesale companies, hypermarkets, automotive marketplaces, gas stations, municipal and profit-making organizations, industrial plants.


• Range of goods
Production portfolio contains more than 500 items of lubricants for industrial equipment and business motor transport.
Engine oils, diesel oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, industrial oils, compressor oils, transformer oils, turbine oils, industrial white oils, mineral oils, instrument oil.
Antifreezes, brake fluids, lubricoolants. Lubricant greases, cable compounds, vacuum lubricants. Lithium greases, solid oils and others.
ALVA Company is an official dealer of Lukoil.

• Customers
1. Lubricants for industrial equipments
Customers of ALVA Company are industrial plants of Sverdlovsk, Tyumen, Kurgan, Chelyabinsk regions and Khanty-Mansi, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Areas. Constant partners of Company are big enterprises, among them are “EVRAZ Group S.A.”, “SUAL”, “UGMK”.
2. Lubricants for business motor transport
Customers of ALVA Company are bus fleets, municipal vehicle fleets, cargo transporters, carriage of passengers companies, service stations for trucks, shops for trucks, shipping departments of industrial plants.

Clients’ service

Clients’ service was set up for the purpose of rendering services to customers more quickly and and more qualitative.
Technical, organizational, juridicial support of deals with partners.

Office and warehouse complex

The complex is situated in the south-east of Yekaterinbutg, not far from downtown, on the Sibyrski trakt str., near the interchange with Bazovyi str.
There’re offices, storehouses, exhibition room, clients’ service room in the complex’s territory.


Own transport company. Products delivery to partners to Tyumen, Kurgan, Chelyabinsk regions. Free delivery in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region.
Shipping by motor, rail and air transport everywhere in Russian Federation and the near abroad.


More than 150 suppliers from Russian Federation and the near abroad, among them are the biggest producers, distributors, importers of autocomponents and lubricants. Drop shipments of products from Europe, UAE, China.