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Alva Company

lubricants and automotive products supplier
since 1995


Our products

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Three Carats

Distilled water, coolants, windshield washers and brake fluids


Lubricants and automotive fluids


Diesel exhaust fluid
(AUS 32)


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Supplies of world and Russian brands of lubricants and automotive products

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About us

Alva Company is one of the oldest and most experienced holdings in the Urals specializing in the wholesale of lubricants and automotive products. We have been operating in the market since 1995. The holding includes a wholesale company with its own production and warehouse complex and a chain of retail automotive supermarkets in the city of Ekaterinburg.


Our product range


For passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industries


Distilled water, coolants, windshield washers, brake fluids, solvents and others


For passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

Automotive care

Body and car interior care products

Auto parts

Filters, wipers, spark plugs

Car accessories

Automotive products to improve the comfort and safety of the car, air fragrances


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